Specialists in devising and implementing civil and structural engineering and hydrology solutions

We devise advanced civil and structural engineering and hydrology solutions that are implemented by teams of professional engineers relying on decades of experience. As part of the RSK group, comprising hundreds of niche companies, we have both national and international access to additional key skills, assets and resources and can offer an unrivalled ability to deliver on projects that present complex challenges.

Our expertise ranges from small-scale projects to major national and international developments in both public and private sectors across many industries. Our mission is to deliver sustainability through engineering and hydrology projects and minimise environmental impact.

Below is a snapshot of our collection of interconnected services.

Civil engineering

  • Pre-acquisition engineering appraisal
  • Planning support, including drainage strategy, sustainable drainage systems solutions, road alignment, tracking, flood risk assessment, earthworks
  • Highway design: alignment and construction details
  1. On-site highways section 38 technical approval
  2. Off-site highways section 278 technical approval
  • Drainage design
  1. New drainage networks section 104 technical approval
  2. Drainage diversions section 105 technical approval
  3. New sewer connections section 106 technical approval
  4. Sewer requisition designs section 98 approval
  5. Retrospective sewer adoption design section 102 technical approval
  • Lighting design
  • Environmental permits (LLFA/EA)
  • Earthworks
  • Plot drainage design
  • External work and levels
  • Private roads and parking designs

Structural engineering

  • Building foundation design
  • Basement structural design
  • Retaining wall design
  • Highway structures approval in principle
  • Structural design of buildings
  • Structural detailing
  • Building regulations technical approval
  • BIM collaborative working using shared 3D models


  • FRA reporting in accordance with NPPF, TAN15 and SPP
  • Outline surface water drainage assessments
  • Flood plain envelope modelling based on flood level and terrain
  • 1D and 2D watercourse hydraulic modelling to determine flood levels
  • 2D overland flow modelling
  • Flood risk impact assessments
  • Flood compensation storage modelling and design
  • Hydrology reporting for environmental impact assessment